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Appetizer Plate With Wine Glass Holder

Fred's friends is a party-based restaurant that offersodf and fog combinations, and a metastyle of appletini. This all-inclusive plan offers four appletini plates (the four candidates for the word, of course), each with a choose your favorite wineglass on a bright, colorful background. The holder for the wineglass is also included, so you can add it to any of the plates.

Appetizer Plates With Wine Holder

Are you looking for a special way to show off your wine to friends and family? or are you simply looking for a plates that will say "wine holder" or "arrivederci"? well, look no further than our appetizer plates! Each plate is filled with delicious wine that will make your party a hit, so you can take your place at the party stand. Plus, our plates are made with a strong, durable material that will stand up to all the food and drink that you and your friends will be providing.

Appetizer Plates With Wine Glass Holder

This trio of appetizer plates comes with a wein glass holder and a few easy to follow instructions. If you're looking to add a little bit of flavor to your wine-ingredient plates, this set of four plates will do the job nicely. this is a great way to keep your wine in front of your friends or family while they enjoy a meal without having to worry about taking to the kitchen to pick up a wine glass. The attractively designed holder also includes a fewoz of wine so that you can choose the amount of wine that you want to have in front of your friends. our appetizer plates come with a wine glass holder which is perfect for holding wine or drink parties in a quick and easy way. Our888plates are easy to create and can be picked up at most any restaurant chain stores. this simple appetizer plate realization is a great choice for a business or for private occasions. The plate has a cheese and wine glass holder that makes it a perfect addition to your party bar.