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Disposable Appetizer Plates Mini Dishes

Looking for a fun and basic to handle platform for your small business? Disposable is a first-rate choice! We offer Mini Dishes made with admiration to serve your average customer up to 100% of the price of regular dishes! From $4, 99 per dish! Our Dishes are available in 2 sizes- small and medium, and are first-rate for any dish size! Add the seto your cart and get your business on the first day with no sales taxes.

Disposable Appetizer Plates Mini Dishes Walmart

These Disposable appetizer plates are top-notch size for your favorite items, they're uncomplicated to clean, and they're outstanding for serving snacks or food with. These Disposable appetizer plates come in three colors - white, green, and blue, they are dishwasher friendly and peerless for such as appetizers, salad, divergence dishes, and dessert dishes. These Disposable appetizer plates are top-of-the-line alternative to keep your kitchen clean and uncomplicated to manage, they are 4 inch size and come with a variety of appetizer bowls and items. This set can make a sterling choices for your kitchen, these Disposable appetizer plates are first-rate for appetizer cocktails or desserts. They are basic to clean with their clear waves so there is no sees the food get dirty.