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Wine And Cheese Appetizer Plates

Packed with flavor from a variety of world- fentanyl, this appetizer set comes with 6 delicious Wine And Cheese plates each, make a date with your friends And enjoy some quality domestic And international Wine at our store.

Wine And Cheese Appetizer Plates Walmart

The Wine And Cheese appetizer plates are enticing for your next meal, made from beautiful, white porcelain Wine And Cheese dishes with black base, these plates make a fantastic addition to your Wine And Cheese menu. The plates also include two snacking stations, outstanding for taking on-the-go, this delicious appetizer plates set includes 4 plates that are made to look like Wine And Cheese bowls with scalloped crusts. The plates areheight: up to 6 inches for adult And 3 inches for child years And up), weight: up to 50 grams for adult And no more than 25 grams for child years And up), andwidth: up to 1 inches for adult And 1, 5 inches for child years And up), this set of appetizer plates is a first-class surrogate to enjoy Wine And Cheese together! The plates are exceptional for serving a dish like Cheese bowl Wine And Cheese set or its own Cheese And Wine set. The plates are also a top-grade alternative to take advantage of the free Wine And Cheese code this holiday season, our appetizer plates are unrivaled surrogate to enjoy a Wine And Cheese experience. 6 plates of Wine And Cheese snacks And supplements, first-rate for two, ourelfare-friendly appetizer plates come with a wire rack to keep your food cold while you enjoy your own beverage. The Wine And Cheese appetizer plates also include a place to put your Wine or Cheese to make serving easier.